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Shane’s Introduction

June 26th 2015,

Hello, I’m Shane Goodrich one of the creators of Local Liberty and cohost of the TV show. I just wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you about my aims for Local Liberty, but first let me tell you a little about myself. I have been interested in the freedom movement since a young age, in that I was always I live and let live kind of guy. I became interested in politics around the age of 15, I started off as a hard leftist more or less, then when I was 17 came upon Harry Browne’s website during his 2nd campaign for president. Soon I was reading his stance’s on all the major issues of the day. I quickly bought wholesale into Harry’s views on these matters, save for guns and the environment. But after much thinking, researching and pondering (a whole two weeks’ worth!) I was on board all the way, I was one of those crazy Libertarians! I soon got involved in local politics in the Windham area with the Libertarian party and even was on the ticket for board of selectmen . But alas those halcyon days were not to last. And my life for many years was absent the thought of politics as well as any kind of real stability.

Flash forward to about a year ago. I decided my life needs a change. I wasted 10 years working at Taco Bell, I got involved in many things I regret and certainly did not live up to my ethical standards. I could not change the past, but I could change the future. So I went back to school and started to get back to doing useful things in general. I decided to help my friend Doug Larry in his campaign for 3rd registrar of voters. On Election Day while helping Doug at the polls, I met Brian Saucier (Host of Local Liberty) and he talked to me about doing a political TV show. I was interested (and had long dreamed of such a thing) but skeptical the idea could ever get off the ground. Eventually I met our director Roger Morin who had the original idea for the show. From there I became an intern at Charter Studios, a few months and a lot of hard work later and here we are an actual TV show with our own blog, Facebook page and YouTube Channel!


As for Local Liberty itself, what is it about, what are our aims? First off we are a team and each member has their own goals for the show. For me my goal is to bring to life a more nuanced view of the liberty movement. My views have evolved since I was a teenager and I plan on sharing them during the show. Brian and I are not always in lock step on the best ways to maximize freedom for everyone but that is ok because in the real world it’s very rare for two people to agree on everything and we have to live in that world. I personally think it’s very risky to focus too much on those that agree with you as then you can get into a kind of echo chamber were your ideas are never challenged.

Local Liberty is a chance to both spread the word that freedom is good for you and to explore those ideas associated with the liberty movement seriously, focusing on the evidence at hand as well as the theoretical and philosophical elements of the movement. We will talk about the historical record, various political systems, philosophy and we will also explore current issues both nationally and in our own little corner of the world, the last green Valley (that is Eastern Connecticut).

Brian, Roger and I will not always be in agreement with each other, we will debate the finer points of various issues. Our focus at times will be different as we all have different issues of importance to us. One thing we all agree on is we want to build a community around our show, we want to hear your opinions. We’re looking for people interested in writing on this blog, appearing as a guest on the TV show or perhaps helping out in other ways we have not even thought of yet. The journey has just begin. We hope you will join us, by watching the show, sharing your thoughts with us on Facebook & YouTube (make sure to like, subscribe & share!) and reading the articles that we will post on this site. We want to make this something worthwhile, something of value, but we can only do that with your help. So please help us spread the word, freedom is good for you!

-Shane Goodrich, Co-host & Editor of Local Liberty


Hello Everyone and welcome to Local Liberty!

This will be a weekly show on Charter public access, airing every Thursday at 8:30PM, starting June 18th. We will discuss current events from the perspective of individual liberty, with the focus on local news from the Eastern CT area where ever possible.

Here is our introductory video:

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We look forward to making this an interactive show with anyone and everyone, in our community and abroad, who is interested in the idea of liberty.