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Political Surprises

2016 has been full of them.

A recent surprise was the jury acquittal of 7 people who occupied a remote federal building in protest earlier this year.  Two of those seven were members of the Bundy family, Ammon and Ryan.  The Bundy family became politically important during a 2014 standoff with the Feds, centered on the fact that the Feds own half of the west.   It was a very pleasant surprise to learn the Feds did a lousy job of making their case, and the jury determined the 7 were guilty of no crime.  Federal prosecutors have a notoriously high conviction rate.

The Brexit vote in June surprised all the mainstream media.  Perhaps they are not difficult to surprise though, given the one sided coverage that is too obvious to ignore anymore. They push the result they want, regardless of any evidence or trends to the contrary.  Again, a pleasant surprise, to see globalism rejected.

The Trump Republican nomination process followed a similar path to the Brexit vote, as far as media coverage went.  It started with “Trump will never get nominated!”, progressed to “La La La La, this isn’t happening, this isn’t happening”, and ended with “OMG how did that happen!?”

Trump’s staying power in the race, despite the entire political and media establishment leaning against him, is a surprise.  Serious cracks are showing in the stranglehold the establishment has on controlling the prevailing narrative.  A very pleasant surprise, this one.

HRC getting a “nothing to see here” verdict, for mishandling classified information, from the FBI earlier in the year, not a surprise.  The FBI re-opening the investigation inside of two weeks to go in the election cycle, a pleasant surprise.

WikiLeaks and other sources continuing to release inside information on establishment power players, a pleasant surprise.  This surprise is likely intertwined with the FBI investigation re-opening.   There are more disclosures to come from WikiLeaks and the ultimate impact could be another big surprise on election day.

Perhaps we will see some local political surprises.   John French almost defeated Mae Flexer in CT senate district 29 in 2014.  Maybe the growing discontent with the establishment (and correspondingly rising Trump numbers) will put him over the edge this time.

Daria Novak might send Uncle Joe Courtney packing in congressional district 2.

Anne Dauphinais and Tony Fantoli are both dedicated advocates of liberty (and so is Novak) and dedicated to their goal of winning CT house seats in districts 44 and 49, respectively.  They are both putting in the hours to stand up for what they believe in, a greatly underappreciated labor.     Fantoli has a big hurdle to overcome,  given the voting record in D-49,  but who knows what the rest of this election season has in store.

It’s a standing assumption that CT is all left wing Democrat, all the time.  But we have seen many political surprises this year.

We may see a few more to come, both close to home and nationally.