Does it matter where Americans get there news?

Does it matter where Americans get there news?

by Shane Goodrich

Yes it matters, but what matters even more is how one takes the news they are given. Allow me to explain. During the course of the day we are bombarded by a lot of information, people talk about things that are happing in the world, people are telling us what they think is the truth (let’s put aside lying for this short essay), websites, magazines and newspapers are also giving us their view of the what the truth is. We know not all of these sources can be true. How? Because they often contradict each other, the “facts” presented in one place are different than those presented in another. So what matters when it comes to processing the news is making sure we reflect on what we are reading or listening too. What format is the show I am watching? Is it presented as so called “hard news” or is it editorializing? In other words is it an opinion based show like The O’Reilly Factor or is the channel 3 news? Understand what you are watching.

Is it better to have a diversity of sources? Of course it is but practically it may not be possible to always get a good set of sources for any given issue. For example, I try to get my information from a variety of sources. Over the summer I was attempting to get a grasp of the basics of economics. I read four different books on the subject in pursuit of this goal. The books ranged from a more libertarian viewpoint in the case of Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell to hard left in the case of What’s the Economy for Anyway by David K. Batker & John de Graaf. I did this because I wanted to get a balanced view. To get all perspective’s. But realistically this is much too time consuming and tedious for most people. Most people just want to read or watch people they like and tend to agree with. It’s often as much about entertainment as it is education.

So in the end it matters a lot where Americans or anyone else gets their news, it also matters in what context they take that news (watching Bill O’Reilly just for the fun of it is different than basing your political positions on his show) and it matters how many sources people are getting a given idea from. Just remember to think about what you are told, don’t blindly accept the facts.

Shane Goodrich, Co-host and video editor of Local Liberty

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