A New Series: Homesteading , and A Local Seed Starting Schedule for CT

By Brian Saucier
It has been such a nice fall this year that we could probably keep gardening right up until Christmas if so inclined,  or just playing catch up.  I planted my garlic yesterday, a month and a half late, but the garlic shouldn’t mind too much.    The garden soil felt like it does in May, warm and dry.  Also this past week,  the seed catalogs started showing up in the mail,  re-sparking the garden fever that afflicts so many of us!

I learned a great deal over the last 10+ years from the gardening/homesteading community, both online and locally in person.  I am happy to return some of that value back to the community and especially to new gardeners.   I view each individual’s step towards independence (not isolation) as a benefit to both of us.   One area of increased independence that continues to capture my interest and attention is growing food.

If you share my interest in growing some of your own food,  check out Local Liberty’s newest series on YouTube: Homesteading

Homesteading means many things to different people,  and I plan to cover the various ways my family seeks greater independence.    The first 5 episodes in this series offer an intro to the motivations behind homesteading,  and three episodes (parts 3-5) cover the  first basics of vegetable gardening.

Anyone with experience growing vegetables may want to skip right to the chart linked here:Local Seed Starting Schedule- Eastern CT 

This spreadsheet is what I use to plan my garden for the year, developed through 10 years of experimenting with different varieties and different starting times.  I change varieties in and out each year,  this is what I planted in 2015.  I will replant 90% of these because these are what I have found to work well here.

I hope you find this information valuable,  ask away with any questions,  and please do share with me if you have local varieties that work well in CT.

Some tomatoes to look forward to next summer!
Tomato harvest

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