Do personal liberties matter more than Society’s Perceived needs?

Do personal liberties matter more than Society’s Perceived needs?

by Shane Goodrich

I was thinking of just writing no and calling it a day but that would make a boring article and likely get me an F on this assignment. So let me expand upon my views regarding personal liberties in regards to societies perceived needs.

First off how do we define a society? At its most basic a society is a group of people. More generally a society is a group of people that inhabit some geographical region, a community of people that in some sense however slight have a common bound of some kind. For example in the United States our common bond in living in the geographical area designated The United States. We are a very large group of people that don’t often share much in common with each other. Societies though can scale, for example Sweden with a much lower population than the United States is  a society and a much more homogenous one, most citizens of Sweden share similar cultural values.

One thing all society’s have in common is what they are made of, they are all made of people, individuals that think, feel, and have needs and desires. These question are framed well in my opinion because it states “societies perceived needs”. Perceived is well used here, as society in fact does not have any needs, any want, any motivations. It is not some monolithic entity. Sometimes in cases such as Sweden a large majority of those comprising the society share similar needs and values but still those are just an aggregate, it’s the actual people, the individual members that think and feel, they just happen to think and feel similarly to others in the shared group.

So what am I trying to get out here? I am trying to disabuse the notion of society’s needs. For if society does not have needs, what is left? The individual needs of the people. People’s personal liberties of course matter more than something that in reality does not exist. If people’s personal liberties are protected, each persons. Then as a whole societies “needs” are by default taken care of.

-Shane Goodrich, co-host and video editor of Local Liberty

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